Who am, and what makes me so smart about getting unstuck?


I thrive on change, and I understand it better than most. I have accumulated a wealth of experience and knowledge across a life that has been far from normal. My career has carried me from a trade to the executive suite, and into my own ventures. I have worked with large organizations, individuals, and everyone between to help them move past a stuck moment and make transformative change.

I have degrees in business and in psychology, and I've been a fitness enthusiast for many years, developing extensive knowledge of neurological and physiological (internal) strengthening, nutrition and training. My training as a hypnotherapist was completed at Orca Institute in Vancouver BC, Canada's oldest hypnotherapy school. I am also trained in CBT, Interpersonal Therapy, and Brief Solution focused Therapy.

I founded Ascension in response to a powerful series of personal experiences with hypnotherapy, and other alternative solutions, during my own recovery from drug addiction many years ago. I discovered many frustrations with the therapeutic and psychiatric industries, and wanted to create an alternative that was more empowering, and that favored real results over boring, drawn-out methodologies or new-age nonsense. Having dealt with and overcome many of the same challenges faced by the people I now serve, I have a unique perspective on therapy, healing, and the powerful human capacity for excellence. I don’t just believe people can change, I’m living proof they can.


nikko ruffini
hypnotherapy, strategy, peak performance