What I do

  • I specialize in Clinical Hypnotherapy, and make use of techniques from Brief Solution Focused Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Interpersonal Therapy, Bio-energetic Therapy.
  • When appropriate, I provide advanced guidance in neuromuscular and physiological strengthening, fitness, nutrition, supplementation, and the use of EEG technology for neurofeedback.
  • Adjunct/ partner services such as float therapy, psychedelic medicines, and acupuncture.  
  • Help you conquer anxiety, addiction, depression, and phobias; cope with loss; manage pain; reduce stress; and overcome insomnia.
  • I work extensively with clients interested in peak performance in business and sports.


Free 30 minute consultation before we engage in a program. This gives us an opportunity to clarify what you would like to achieve, and to answer your questions.

90 minute introductory session - $125 for first time visit. The extra time is used to collect as much information as possible about you needs and goals so that we get a powerful start.

60 minute standard session - $125. 

Package sessions available - recommended for chronic depression, PTSD and personal development for executives and elite professionals.

6 sessions - $700

12 sessions - $1200

All sessions by appointment only.


About Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis can be thought of as a deeply relaxed state of heightened internal focus. It is not sleep, although it can almost feel that way. If you've ever zoned out while staring into a fire, or driven somewhere on "autopilot", you have experienced a mild form of hypnotic trance.

Hypnotherapy is the induction of hypnotic trance, and the utilization of this state for delivering therapeutic benefit, accelerated learning, and optimizing performance - primarily through psychotherapy techniques.

Used privately by elite professionals in many fields, hypnotherapy is one of the most effective techniques for creating powerful, personal transformation. Its applications, alone or in combination with other techniques, are virtually limitless....

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Hypnotherapy operates at the subconsious level of the mind, which is the source of emotitonal drivers, self-identity, values, behaviours, habbits and beliefs. It functions by side-stepping (depotentiating) interference from the consious mind so that powerful changes can occur, often more rapidly than by conventional techniques.

Hypnotherapy is not “mind control”. Nor can you be forced to do anything that you are averse to doing. Contrary to what Hollywood would like you to believe, you remain in full control throughout the entire session.

It is commonly applied to help clients with the following:

• Depression
• Anxiety
• Insomnia
• Addiction
• Self-doubt/ self-esteem
• Smoking cessation
• Fear and Phobia
• Fear of public speaking
• Panic attack
• Writer’s block, creative block
• Weight loss
• Memory recovery
• Positive suggestion implantation
• Stress management
• Peak performance
• Eating disorders
• Loss and grief
• Stress
• Pain
• Muscular recovery
• Peak Performance
• Cognitive improvement
• Flow (the psychological state of optimal learning and performance).