Mind-Body Health for a More Powerful You.

Ascension Internal Technologies is a multi-disciplinary peak performance project based in the Fraser Valley, near beautiful Vancouver BC. I promote optimized human performance through a combination of mind-body techniques and technologies. My approach fuses clinical hypnotherapy and related methods of psychological improvement with fitness training, nutritional planning, meditation and other alternative techniques. The result is a unique approach to unlocking new levels of well-being in mind, body and spirit. 

Consider me your partner in personal evolution. Connect more deeply with your own resources; get unstuck from professional or personal challenges; dominate your field, and build a fit, healthy body so that you are unleashed to meet the demands of the day with full presence and power.


StrongeR. Smarter. ascended.


Health is a function of mind, body and spirit working in harmony and pulling in the same direction. I work with the interrelationship of these elements to improve the WHOLE you.


I incorporate field-tested peak performance and flow strategies typically reserved for executives, athletes and military personnel. I use effective techniques, not bland routines.


You want progress, not stuffy psych-babble, nauseating new-age fluff, or empty promises. I work in the realm of reality and possibility. I’m here to power your mission, not dull your edge.


You. Evolved.

Who do I serve? Primarily - entrepreneurs, executives, athletes, professionals and elite artists: high-performance individuals who are committed to excellence, self-actualization, personal sovereignty, and a great life of discovery and creation. 

My mission is to help you upgrade your human operating system; re-connecting you with (and improving) your existing strengths and unique qualities, and helping you raise the bar on your life, your body, your relationships, self-image or career. Together, we can create the changes you need to achieve the quality of life you want.